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Peru is the third largest country in South America and a superlative land of contrasts. With its epic landscapes, jaw-dropping archaeological sites, and wealth of biodiversity, a holiday to Peru boasts all of South America’s allure and more.

Costa Rica

Rich in tropical forest, perfect beaches and smoking volcanoes, Costa Rica is the ultimate adventure playground. Paired with its abundance of wildlife and friendly locals, it’s no wonder the country lives by the essence of ‘Pura Vida’ (Pure life). Located in the heart of Central America, this compact country has a wealth of things to see and do. With its world-class infrastructure, luxury accommodation and relatively small size, a holiday to Costa Rica ticks all the boxes- from family fun to romantic getaways, this superlative country has it all.


Fuelled by samba beats, carnival fever, football, and a legendary beach culture, Brazil is an adventurer’s playground complete with a dramatic wilderness landscape that guarantees adventure like nowhere else. From the magnificent Amazon jungle and idyllic sands of Rio and Salvador to the thunderous Iguazu Falls and the wet wonderland of the Pantanal, a holiday to bold and beautiful Brazil is an assault on the senses that holds culture-hungry and thrill-seeking travellers in awe.


A holiday to Argentina offers dramatic glaciers, vast drum-flat pampas, remarkable wetlands, and tango temptations, it holds all of its visitors in awe. From the spectacular thunderous waterfalls of Iguazu Falls and wineries of Mendoza, to the snow-capped Andes and cultural cocktail that is Buenos Aires, this is South America at its coolest.


Chile is a land of contrasts packed with staggering landscapes, outdoor adventures and vibrant-friendly people. Extending like a frayed ribbon down the west coast of South America, it’s revered as the world’s longest country, home to the world's driest desert in the north, lush vineyards in the centre, and glaciers, fjords and glistening lakes in the south. With some of the most remarkable lodges on the continent and its world-class infrastructure, a holiday to Chile ticks all the boxes- from family fun to romantic getaways, this superlative country has it all.


Straddling the equator and bordered by Colombia, Peru and the Pacific Ocean, Ecuador is South America’s tiny country and is easily one of the most diverse on the planet with 25,000 plant species, 1,600 bird species, the mighty Andes, the lush Amazon, and nine national parks - including the unique Galápagos Islands. Packed with heritage, colonial architecture, rainforest, mountains, historic cities, and palm-fringed beaches, it is little wonder that Ecuador is known as ‘the microcosm of South America’.


Famous for their incredibly fearless and unique wildlife, the Galapagos Islands are some of the most spectacular volcanic islands in the world. Isolated just off the coast of Ecuador, you can swim with a playful sea lion, plod along with a giant tortoise and ogle at the brightly coloured feet of the blue footed booby.


Nowhere on the planet compares to the pristine beauty of Antarctica, the so-called ‘White Continent’ that is revered for its dramatic snowscapes, huge glaciers, sculptural icebergs, and truly amazing wildlife. The sheer size and scientific significance of what is technically a desert exceeds all expectations, and many find going on holiday to this ice-crowned wilderness with no permanent human habitation a truly soul-stirring experience.


With an illustrious cultural heritage of Aztec, Maya and Spanish influences coupled with spectacular natural beauty, Mexico is a fascinating land of UNESCO-listed archaeological sites, impressive baroque architecture, stunning canyons, beautiful beaches and majestic mountains, all actively celebrated with infectious energy, exciting cuisine, mariachi bands, firecrackers and a shot of tequila.