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The oldest island on earth, Madagascar broke free from the super-continent of Gondwana over 165 million years ago. Now lying 425 kilometres off the south-eastern coast of Africa, it supports one of the most diverse ranges of flora and fauna on earth. It is of course lemurs that Madagascar is most famed for – there are an astonishing 80 or so varieties in all. The wildlife extends much more beside this though with over 200,000 species on the island and between 80 and 90 percent being endemic. The white sandy beaches tempt many at the end of their wildlife exploration, with whale watching and world-class diving on offer.


Namibia is one of Africa’s youngest countries and home to unique landscapes that are perfect for a self-drive adventure. Wedged between the Kalahari Desert to the east and Atlantic Ocean to the west, Namibia is visually spectacular. Vast red dunes collide with crashing waves, desert-adapted wildlife roams freely in Damaraland, Etosha’s famous waterholes are a magnet for game and Fish River Canyon is the second largest in the world – it is quite simply a photographer’s paradise, crying out to be explored.